Recent Testimonials

  • Patricia was great! 
    Szurgpot Family Served by Dionne and Patricia
  • The Aftercare support provided by Judy Hilsden was extremely prompt and helpful.  Judy was very professional and knowledgeable..  Judy even accommodated  certification of extra copies of my Father's will that needed to be provided to several banks.
    Drummond Family Served by John and Judy
  • Judy provided excellent service in a kind and knowledgeable manner.
    Lightfoot Family Served by Taylor, Bruce and Judy
  • 1) You have caring and professional staff
    2) Judy was excellent
    Costigan Family Served by John, Sherry and Judy
  • My Mom's passing was unexpected.  Thank you to everyone at Connelly-McKinley for their amazing compassion and care while we celebrated my Mom's celebration of life.  Every family member was impressed
    Rusinko Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • The service we received from Debbie went above our expectations.  We couldn't have asked for better.  Debbie made the whole process easy and was a pleasure to deal with.  The whole Demers family agrees.
    Demers Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • The staff was compassionate and knowledgeable. Connie made us feel like she was part of the family. Brandie was very helpful and patient with the memorial card, slideshow and bookmarks. Many thanks to all!
    Nicoll Family Served by Debbie Connie, and Tara
  • I appreciate the support and services received. Though an incredibly emotional life experience (for which I was unprepared)
    The Director, John and staff guided my family and myself through the process involved
    McLarney Family Served by John and Judy
  • This was a very difficult time in our lives and Rosanna, Tara and the Connelly-McKinley family made the day easier and beautiful. So, thank you.
    Germshied Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • I cannot find words to express my gratitude to Aimee, Patricia, and all other employees I met while Planning Eileen's Funeral.  The compassion and caring made a difficult time so much easier.  Thank you
    Fuchs Family served by Aimee and Patricia
  • I have to say I was very impressed with dealing with Eryn for my mom's funeral. She was very professional & understanding to our needs. She went out of her way to make this difficult situation as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately I have had to heal with funerals more than once and never has it been a better experience than this time.
    I totally loved her final touch of the pallbearers as being honor guards for the hurst. What a wonderful last send off! I can't say enough about the professionalism of Eryn. She is a total asset to your company
    Sharon Bachand of Gunn, CA-AB
  • Thank you for your excellent service.
    Courchesne family served by Taylor and Judy
  • Jenna was absolutely fantastic to deal with.  I can't say enough about her.  I highly appreciate her compassionate attitude.
    Wagner family served by Jenna and Judy
  • Thank you so much for all the care and attention - wonderful
    de Vries family served by Debbie and Judy
  • Ken was Fantastic!
    Hesse family served by Ken and Judy
  • The services that were provided helped us through a very difficult time as my husband's death was sudden and unexpected
    Chevalier family served by Rosie and Tara
  • Good Job!!!!
    Margaret Plain family served by Aimee and Tara
  •  I would highly recommend Dionne to my family and friends. She dealt with the funeral arrangements for Karl Ellison who had been down on his luck in the last years of his life. Dionne was very respectful and emphatic with the family during this delicate time. We were very grateful for the care and the excellent arrangements that she completed on our behalf.
    Please extend our appreciation to her. Thanks, Caroline O’Shea
    O’Shea Family Served by Dionne
  • The service we received from Debbie went above and beyond. She was so helpful and knowledgable in all that we had to deal with to lay our Dad to rest. We could not have asked for better. A huge thank you to Debbie and the staff for all they did for our family. The St. Albert Connelly McKinley is highly recommended. We can't thank them enough.
    Lucille Cameron of Spruce Grove, Alberta
  • All the arrangements made through Connelly-McKinley we so well done.  Exceeded expectations
    Moss Family Served by Aimee and Judy
  • Judy was excellent, an excellent service.
    Our family has lost two members this last year.  Aimee and staff have made this experience very tolerable with great compassion, warmth and empathy.  Thank you all so much
    Patterson Family Served by Aimee and Judy
  • Very good 
    Tara, she was excellent.  such a great help - Thank you We couldn't have done this without you. Soooo much paperwork!
    Wekken Family Served by Pamela and Tara
  • Debbie and her coworkers were excellent.  Everyone went out of their way with compassion and knowledge.  Debbie was my angel, she was just what I needed.
    Brisson Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • Everything was easy.  All the staff was helpful. - Thank you
    Bertrand Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • Connelly-McKinley was amazing! Your Aftercare program is fabulous!  Thank you to your staff.
    Cloutier Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • Everything could not have been better prepared and executed.  We were all very impressed.  Highly recommended.
    Gross Family Served by Bruce and Tara
  • Thank you to Amy, Patricia and the staff at Connelly-McKinley for their care and in making accommodations for my family due to Covid-19 restrictions
    Jack Mah Family Served by Amy and Patricia
  • My Family has always used Connelly-McKinley services for funeral arrangements in the past and have always been completely satisfied with the services provided at the time.  Connelly-McKinley will surely be recommended.
    St. Jean Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • John was very helpful in arranging the services.  We appreciate the flexibility and options that were explained by John.. Team was very respectful and courteous in funeral process
    Vijay Kumar Sabharwal Family Served by John
  • Thank you for your excellent work.
    The Campbell Family Served by Rosanna and Patricia
  • Great service.
    The Ewing Family Served by Aimee and Patricia
  • Thank you!! We did the boxed lunch at reception and they were delicious. Staff in reception room were very caring. We were very blessed to have Aimee be our director.
    The Brian Family Served by Aimee and Judy
  • Over all - everything you did for me was very nice and thank you very much.
    The Masters Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • The aftercare and guidance in completing paper work after the death was a nice surprise and very very helpful, as was the package detailing what needed to be done and what forms to fill out. Thank you
    The Mah Family Served by Ken and Patricia
  • The staff were very compassionate in our time of need, thank you.
    The Peebles Family Served by Debbie and Patricia
  • Everything was wonderful for “Our Joe’s” Viewing and Liturgy . . . Many Thanks.
    Shauna Crowe of Edmonton, AB
  • Happy with how the funeral took place.  Very organized
    Primeau Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • I would like to thank John for allowing us to spend as much time as possible with our loved one.  John is an excellent Director
    Groh Family Served by John and Judy
  • The First Step in Healing After Loss booklet I received was what I needed.  Thank you
    Sherburne Family Served by Pamela and Patricia
  • Wonderful service during a difficult time
    Mulliner Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • We were extremely pleased with all the services we received  
    Casavant Family Served by Debbie, Kenny and Tara
  • Debbie treated me like a friend! Covid-19 changed our arrangements in so many ways but Debbie, the Funeral Director, listened to every detail that I requested and I was able to honour my husband with an intimate home service.
    Wolfe Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • Job well done!
    The Parker Family Served by Wendy and Patricia
  • I truly appreciate the personal and professional support I received from both Debbie and Tara.  The Aftercare support provided was extremely valuable
    Simmons Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • Thank you.  I was overall pleased
    Sabourin Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • Judy was excellent and a great help
    Cunningham Family Served by John and Judy
  • I was also very impressed by Todd Reinholt who officiated the service
    Bosch Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • My sisters and I met with both Tamara and Taylor.  Both provided exceptional service and understanding.  We did end up spending more time with Taylor and can't say enough about her.  
    Haracsi Family Servied by Tamara, Taylor and Tara
  • Thank you for the respect and dignity shown to both my Nana and sister.  Throughout the past year we have dealt with a great deal of loss and it was comforting to know they were in your "care".  I genuinely felt you were "caring" for them both and never worried throughout the process
    Shields Family Served by Ken
  • Our family was so pleased with Aimee and the services provided by Connelly-McKinley.  So professional.  Thank you for everything!
    Zessin family Served by Aimee and Tara
  • Our family was so pleased with Aimee and the services provided by Connelly McKinley.So professional.Thank you for everything!
    Barbara Zessin of 51416 RR21, Parkland County,AB
  • Great job! Thanks again!
    Kucy family served by Wendy and Judy
  • I was very impressed by whoever made up my husband.  ( I believe it was Amanda Wiebe) Great Job! I have been to many funerals and this is the 1st time I have ever seen a person look so much like themselves.  He looked like he was just sleeping.  
    Griffiths family served by Bruce, Amanda and Judy
  • Aimee was extremely compassionate and caring.  She made us very comfortable and helped us tremendously.  Father Don's visitation was her idea and it was wonderful.  She was excellent!
    Father Stein family served by Aimee and Judy
  • Rosie and Jenna were absolutely wonderful. We couldn't have asked for more Thank you so much!
    Lafreniere family served by Rosanna and Tara
  • Sherry and John were excellent!
    Newman family served by John, Sherry and Judy
  • Everything was all done to perfection even though Covid-19 did put a damper on things Thanks to all for everything!
    Berube Family served by Debbie and Tara
  • Very interesting building and contents in downtown Edmonton
    Tracey family served by Bruce and Judy
  • Taylor was amazing to work with under these difficult times. 
    Jack White Family Served by Taylor and Tara
  • I was treated with exceptional caring and guidance in making the best choices to carry forth the process for arranging for my wife's funeral.
    Kluchky family Served by Aimee and Judy
  • Overall a very pleasant experience at a difficult time.  So much was already laid out for us.  It took the guesswork out of the whole matter.
    Barry Family Served by Debbie, Andrew and Tara
  • Thank you for your help during this process and for the amazing paperwork package.  Very Helpful
    Ross Family Served by Ken and Tara
  • Very happy with everything done for the funeral for my husband Orville  
    Trotter Family Served by Cameron and Judy
  • The service we received was very comforting and helpful.  Our Funeral Director, Judy and other staff were kind considerate and professional. Thank you!
    Imeson Family Served by Rosanna and Judy
  • We are grateful to work with people we trust at this sad time of our life.
    Stang Family Served by Aimee and Judy
  • Rosanna made the arrangements very easy for us. We greatly appreciate all the help and Tara's Aftercare Services
    Rahel Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • Ken was very helpful during a very traumatic time for our family Thank you
    Determan Family Served by Ken and Tara
  • Thank you for making a difficult task easier to accept.
    Saunders Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • Our family members are very satisfied.  We will recommend friends. Thank you for your help.
    Wong Family Servied by Amy Lau, Andrew and Patricia
  • Thank you for the flexibility to change pre-planning due to pandemic restrictions and for working with me remotely.
    Turner Family Served by Wendy and Patricia
  • My brother and I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the expertise, kindness, compassion, and understanding that your entire team provided to us in our recent loss of our mother. A very special thanks to Rosie as our main facilitator and Jenna who served at the funeral mass. Both of these ladies are natural and experts in their work, going beyond in all ways. They responded to our wishes, our questions, our fears and concerns in every way. They responded in a timely and appropriate fashion in all our correspondence and exchanges. We could not have asked for more better care and company in navigating through these days. We will forever be grateful for the integrity and professionalism shown in this difficult period.
    The Lafreniere Family Served by Rosie and Jenna
  • I can only say that the assistance of Aimee and all was beyond reproach and truly beyond what I had to expect or hope for. Bruce
    Father Mike McCaffery Family Served by Aimee
  • Excellent service. Highly recommended to my friends, relatives and even my Doctor
    Docuyanan Family Served by Aimee and Patricia
  • Overall, excellent and compassionate service for our Aunt Paulette and out family Patricia was most helpful, excellent
    Crevolin Family Served by Aimee and Patrica
  • Patricia (Aftercare) was excellent
    Morrison Family Served by Jenna and Patrica
  • Debbie went above the call of duty.  We told her about Mom's strawberry patch. She had three strawberries in the floral arrangement. One for each daughter Thank you Dora
    Casavant Family Served by Debbie
  • Tara - excellent help! Tiffany was awesome!
    Dobko Family served by Pam, Tiffany and Tara
  • My husband and I preplanned our funeral in 2008 and now Francis is gone. We were pleased with everything so far. Thank you Ollie
    Kohlman Family Served by Tamara and Tara
  • Pam was Awesome! Pam was very helpful in assisting us to make out final decisions Tara was so very helpful
    Jowle Family Served by Pam and Tara
  • Your atmosphere was very calming and kind at the worse time of a persons life.  Thank you for your help in making it uncomplicated to put to rest a dearly loved individual Tara was very kind and we appreciated the Aftercare kit
    Coffin Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • I was very pleased
    Richard Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • I was so overwhelmed and I was helped and all my questions were answered and more. I had a very good experience.
    Cofer Family Served by Pam, Debbie and Judy
  • Co-ordination with church and cemetery was well done.  Appreciate the recording of the service. Could not have done it without your help Thank you very much
    Wan Family Served by Ken and Judy
  • Thank you to you and the rest of the staff, although they are not really "staff", because they are so much more than that. My family and I appreciate how you made this week, particularity the viewing and  internment, so special to us. Our hearts have been touched.
    Thys Family Served by Tamara
  • The staff at Connelly-McKinley / Foster-McGarvey were phenomenal. Very professional, composed, compassionate, Everything was explained in a clear and concise manner right down to the last detail. No pressure to upgrade to a more expensive urn, and moms desire not to have a service was respected.
    Stellar service, very impressed !!! ♥
    Terry Dejong of Edmonton, Alberta
  • We were very happy. Patricia was excellent!
    Heideman family served by Andrew,Jamie and Patricia
  • Found Tara exceptional with follow-up which made things much easier with the aftermath
    Trach family served by Ken and Tara
  • Thank you Miss Judy Hilsden helped me to fill in all the questions.  (Aftercare) Thank you very much
    Yu family served by Andrew, Amy and Judy
  • We were very happy with the service that Aimee Anderson provided.  She was excellent and believe she went above and beyond in meeting our family's needs.  Judy Hilsden was very helpful with services rendered after the funeral which made dealing with the affairs of the deceased a lot easier.
    Gouin family served by Aimee and Judy
  • I was happy with your professionalism and compassion at a difficult time.  I was so impressed and appreciative of your excellent service for  Mom's cremation Thank you!
    Callaghan family served by Jaime
  • The embalming was excellent! Walter looked like he was asleep.  Someone said "I've seen lots of funerals but they never looked like themselves.  She was very impressed.  Good Job!
    Brodie family served by Debbie and Tara – Preparation Services
  • Overall experience was helpful. Did not feel pressured into any decisions required in planning the funeral which lessened the anxiety of the situation Thanks
    Zubick family served by Ken and Judy
  • Wendy Berry/Todd Reinholt/ Casey-Lee (technical slide show) were excellent! They made a difficult time much better I would highly recommend their services
    Workun family served by Wendy, Casey-Lee and Judy
  • Family completely satisfied with all services provided under difficult circumstances due to Covid issues
    Regimbald family served by Aimee
  • The staff went over and above the call of duty.  I have recommended Connelly-McKinley to several people
    Stevenson Family served by Jenna and Tara
  • We were very pleased with the service we received from Connelly-McKinley
    Dunnigan family served by Jenna, Pamela and Kayla
  • Aimee made the planning of my husbands funeral not as difficult as I thought it would be Her care, compassion, professionalism and knowledge made for a wonderful service.  also her understanding and ideas on combining a Catholic Liturgy into a Celebration of Life.  I received nothing but compliments on my husbands service
    Olsonbery family served by Aimee and Judy
  • You made a very difficult time easier. The professionalism and compassion are incredible
    Soulard family served by Rosanna and Tara
  • Very excellent service Thank you
    Doering family served by Jamie and Tara
  • Thank you for your caring support and professionally delivered services during this difficult time
    Husband family served by Andrew and Patricia
  • Andrew is excellent. He was very helpful, patient, and kind.  He made this experience much easier and so did Taylor
    Zadunayski family served by Andrew and Taylor
  • Overall, we are very pleased the the service from John and Connelly-McKinley We used Connelly-McKinley for my Father's services in December 2019 and my Uncle in July 2020. Te care and attention were appreciate, and I would highly recommend Connelly-McKinley
    Karabonik Family Served by John Moore and Judy Hilsden
  • No matter ow insignificant my concerns seemed, bot Rosanna and Tara responded Quickly with compassion to address and reassure the family
    Watson Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • Words can't express our deep gratitude to Mr. Andrew Montgomery for helping us through this difficult time.
    Tom Modrovcic of Edmonton, Alberta
  • We would like to thank you for supporting us through the planning and conducting of our daughter Meghan Weis's funeral on November 5, 2020. The care and attention to all of our needs was so appreciated during this most difficult time of our lives.
    Jenna provided us with the most gentle, clear and constant direction throughout the whole process. We know how difficult this must have been as she was such a close friend of Meghan's. Her compassion, empathy, hard work and professionalism gave us such comfort and strength. We cannot express just how much this meant to our family.
    We will be eternally grateful.
    Thank you
    Patti and Henri St Pierre
    Weis family served by Jenna
  • Both Debbie Lambert and Tara Burnett were professional, compassionate, and easy to talk to during a very stressful time
    Bishop Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • I am deeply grateful to Jenna and Jane for all of their help and compassion
    Blanako Family Served by Jenna and Jane
  • Everyone we met with was excellent Judy -excellent care and knowledge
    Edwards family served by Casey-Lee and Judy
  • Very Caring and supportive staff made a very difficult time much easier to deal with. Your support is extremely appreciated.
    Pattrick Family Served by Andrew and Kayla
  • Considering it was the age of Covid-19, everything went smoothly.  Thank you for the memories of the day.
    Putnam Family Served by Wendy
  • My daughters, Janice and Jacqueline and I were very pleased in how Pam helped us and made us comfortable.  Being that Gary's death was sudden we were still in shock. Judy helped with Aftercare
    Flood Family Served by Pam Durdle and Judy
  • #1 Family Business Judy was a wealth of knowledge, helpful
    Kozak Family Served by Aimee and Judy
  • Thank you for all of your help!
    Stephanson Family Served by Jenna and Judy
  • Thank you again to all the wonderful folks in St. Albert.  My Dad, brother and I are very grateful to you all Jo Gorman Modine
    Gorman Family Served by Debbie and Kayla
  • I was in St. Albert for the birth of my grandson. Unfortunately he died. I can’t say enough about the treatment we received, especially my daughter and son-in-law.. Debbie was so kind and thoughtful but not intrusive. She helped everyone through an impossibly difficult time. The funeral parlour, and especially Debbie went above and beyond. Thank you Debbie for your kindness.
    Anne Haining of Ottawa, Ontario
  • Everyone was very helpful.  Much appreciated during this difficult time.  Thank you
    Adilman Family Served by Casey-Lee
  • Patricia, so please with what she could do for us
    Blake family served by Pam Durdle and Patricia
  • I was extremely satisfied with the Aftercare. It was so helpful
    Resler Family served by Jamie and Patricia
  • I can't thank Jenna, Casey-Lee and Patricia enough for making this experience as easy as possible. I particularly want to thank Jenna for reaching our regularly and for her thoughtful recommendations in helping me plan the funeral for my Mom.  Thank you all so much for your compassion  - the work you do is so important.
    Sellers Family Served by Jenna, Casey-Lee and Patricia
  • Tara was excellent!
    Bienvenue Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • I found the service provided by the funeral director to be of exceptional quality. My only concern is with the Estate Assistance ie with the length of time in submitting required documents and keeping me notified of the completion of this process.
    Helen Curran of St. Albeet, AB
  • Thank you so much for making it easy on the family from the time of the death to the funeral, even though we lived one hour away from Edmonton
    Nanji Family Served by Casey-Lee
  • Our family would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the beautiful funeral service you helped support for our father and for all your guidance this week. Thanks you Louise Neufeld
    Neufeld family served by Debbie
  • Thank you very much for the care and service we received during our time of loss.  We were very pleased with the arrangement selections we received, and comforted with the compassion and care during the visitation and graveside service. Out utmost thanks and appreciation Charlene Haryett and family
    Alexis Family served by Andrew
  • Excellent service.  Best in Edmonton
    Mark family served by Cameron and Kayla
  • Outstanding care and service, even with all the covid-19 restrictions Thank you
    Kielor Family Served by Pamela Durdle and Patricia
  • Overall in the world state with covid, the funeral was not exactly what mt father would have wanted but, Debbie and company took what the situation handed us and made it available for all family to participate in it.  We are so thankful.
    Paplawski family Served by Debbie and Patricia
  • Our service was exceptional.  The Director (Rosanna) and other staff bent over backwards to help in every way. They were calm, positive, compassionate and efficient. Tara - Aftercare - Excellent experience - wonderful person
    Picard Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • Thank you again Cameron for arranging transportation to and from the church
    Gagnon Family Served by Aimee, Cameron and Tara
  • Excellent service during a difficult time
    Malcolm Family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • I feel like Connelly-McKinley cares for us like their own family Tara - Aftercare - she is amazing and goes above and beyond in her help
    Bachand family Served by Debbie and Tara
  • My family and I are most grateful for the service we received from the entire staff.
    Everyone was very kind, compassionate, and professional.  Our initial set-up with Gary L., the follow-up with Andrew, the staff at the prayers and funeral Mass (including our driver), and then our home visit with Patricia afterwards was all handled in a professional yet caring manner.  Everyone treated us in a very considerate and gracious way.
    I will definitely recommend your services/business to others.
    Thank you for your services.
    Greta Derus
    Derus Family Served by Gary, Andrew and Patricia
  • My family and I are most grateful for the service we received from the entire staff. Everyone was very kind, compassionate, and professional. Our initial set-up with Gary L., the follow-up with Andrew, the staff at the prayers and funeral Mass (including our driver), and then our home visit with Patricia afterwards was all handled in a professional yet caring manner. Everyone treated us in a very considerate and gracious way. I will definitely recommend your services/business to others. Thank you for your services. Respectfully, Greta Derus
    Sawicki Family Served by Gary
  • Debbie was simply fabulous. I don't know what I would have done without her guidance. Thank you!
    Sew family served by Debbie and Patricia
  • Extremely pleased with the services we received
    Boon Family served by Casey-Lee and Kayla
  • Overall, the service was excellent
    Wong family served by Andrew and Kayla
  • The guidance I was provided was exceptional.Thank you
    Osborne family served by Debbie and Judy
  • Thank you for all of your help
    Adams family served by Debbie and Judy
  • Our family will be forever grateful for you compassion and good care you provided our father and family.
    Oakes Family served by Ken and Patricia
  • Staff were very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Really appreciated the Aftercare services as well.
    Kennedy Family Served by Pamela Durdle and Kayla
  • Thank you for guiding and leading us through the process.  Your knowledge and experience in assisting families in times like these (covid) is a valuable service. Our family has used Connelly-McKinley services on four separate occasions and have been involved in assisting a friend in her time of need. We were satisfied with the level of service each time.  The family Service program is a great service as well. Connelly-McKinley is a commendable, professional service.  Thank you!
    Noel Family Served by Aimee and Kayla
  • The service we received was excellent. The staff were very respectful, considerate and made the entire process as comfortable as possible. Any questions were answered fully and were confident we had made the right decision in using the services of Foster andMcGarvey.
    Alan Scholotiuk of Sherwood Park, Alberta
  • Wendy was kind and compassionate and thoroughly competent and professional.  My Mother's funeral arrangements were beautiful - a fitting tribute to a beautiful lady Thank you to Kayla as well with the aftercare. Thank you!
    The McElhatton Family Served by Wendy Berry and Kayla Szymanski
  • Very pleased with the services Judy with Family Service was excellent!
    The Carr family served by Casey-Lee Cox and Judy Hilsden
  • Your compass thoughtfulness and overall consideration and overall consideration and caring of our feelings (my son and I) From the pick up of my husband to our final arrangements (cremation) are outstanding We got some wonderful keepsakes thanks to Debbie's suggestion Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Rick and Donna Boos
    The Boos Family Serrved by Debbie Lambert and Tara Burnett
  • During an obvious difficult time for me, the Connelly-McKinley staff were courteous, helpful and caring
    The Wood Family Served by Andrew Montgomery and Tara Burnett
  • Service was outstanding.  They considered and accommodated  our need to postpone memorial service because of Christmas/ New Years holidays
    The Kurjata Family Served by Jamie and Kayla
  • We appreciated the extra effort Rosanna and your staff went to in assisting with the service ans particularly the parking issue in advance
    The Gillespie Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • Aimee and Kayla were over the top with professionalism and compassion when doing our arrangements for Laurie
    The Stephenson Family Served by Aimee and Kayla
  • All was very good. I'm impressed
    The Richards Family Served by Jamie and Patricia
  • Excellent staff - Beautiful Venue
    The Imes Family Served by Ken and Judy
  • Overall very satisfied
    The Le Family Served by Amy and Patricia
  • Appreciated the caring philosophy throughout
    The Pederson Family Served by Rosanna and Tara
  • Our family's overall experience was excellent
    The Sykora Family Served by Ken
  • Your staff were very kind, considerate and compassionate as you go through this phase it's very hard to grasp details. I found Ken and Kayla especially good and suited to their roles/positions. Thank you for taking care with me and good job with my husbands care!!
    The Smith Family served by Ken and Kayla
  • Thank you! You made a difficult time easier!
    The Rousseau Family served by Debbie
  • We chose Connelly-McKinley because of the building, staff and in particular, Ms Amy Lau. Without Amy, we may have considered other funeral homes.
    The Leung Family served by Amy Lau
  • Patricia and Paul are very caring people you helped me so much in difficult time. Thank you
    The Baba Family served by Paul and Patricia
  • Paul is exceptional at his position. Taylor, Pam and Lisa all did phenomenal work. We were extremely happy with everything. Thank you.
    The Bracegirdle Family served by Paul and Kayla
  • Sin was amazing and met every requirement. I could not have asked for more. Bonus ability to speak Cantonese to deal with inlaws. Truly hope he get recognized for a job spectacularly done.
    The Lam-Murray Family served by Sin
  • I will always use Connelly's for funeral services. We have used them for 3 generation.
    The Healy Family served by Cameron
  • Very nice we can't ask for better. Thank you so much.
    The Audet Family served by Todd and Rosanna
  • The service went so smoothly from cradle to grave. Thank you Andrew and team.
    The Buyser Family served by Andrew
  • During such a tragic, stressful time Paul and his staff assisted our family with compassion, empathy and professionalism. From the initial meeting our two sons had with Paul he was extremely responsive to our requests and accommodating. We are most grateful for all his guidance and assistance throughout the entire Celebration of Life process for our beloved son Neil. Kudos to Paul an our sincere thanks.
    The Ward Family served by Paul
  • We were provided admirable care and attention in a time tat was the most difficult of our lives. Cannot point to any one thing that supersedes any other because all was done with utmost care. I do want to point out something that really stands out for me alone though and that is the offer for me to ride in the hearse with my husband to the cemetery from the church. As the funeral director driving the hearse said "you can ride with your husband one last time." Truly cherish that moment. Thank you.
    The Konanz Family served by Casey Lee
  • Although I didn't use your services past cremation I was treated very well up to that point and would definitely recommend you in future.
    The Garbowsky Family served by Debbie & Tara
  • The binder was so helpful for all I needed to do. Very grateful for gov't papers being done by my consultant. I didn't even know where to start. HIGHLY recommend this company.
    The Calverley Family served by Rosanna & Tara
  • Within the first twenty minutes of arriving, I felt everything was going to be addressed, which comforted my self and my family, depended and cherished the help we received from the staff at the St. Albert location.
    The Dzawala Family Served by Debbie, John & Tara
  • Brad Dippose was recommended and was excellent thank you.
    The Merrills Family served by Casey Lee & Brad
  • Thank you all your staff for making a very difficult time a little more bearable. 
    The Killen Family served by Debbie & Tara
  • Everything was done awesome!
    The Wiebe Family served by Debbie
  • Jenna was amazing in her work with us. Her compassion was abundant and she guided us through this process with just the right tone and excellent, detail-oriented focus. We are ever so grateful.
    The Fraser Family served by Jenna
  • During our difficult and sad-time, Paul was very compassionate, patient and thorough. He explained everything to us in a professional yet caring manner. Our association with Connelly McKinley goes back many years, thank you again to Paul Coyle for his outstanding customer service.
    The Low Family served by Paul
  • Excellent service from the staff before and after the service. Catering was excellent. 
    The Crozier Family served by Pam D & Tara
  • Excellent in all areas except the parking lot needs to be improved. The Altar area a little too cramp for all who celebrate.
    The Korpan Family served by Wendy
    • Aimeé was very helpful to our family after Mom's passing
    • Someone was always available at any time (day or night)
    • Very professional and considerate of our feelings and concerns
    • Thank you from all of Jean's family
    • You and your business should be proud of what you do
    David Plouffe
    The Plouffe Family served by Aimeé
  • My mother's funeral was handled with great care and compassion.
    The Kohlwes Family served by Rosanna
  • True professionals, all staff.
    The Dong Family served by Cameron Connelly
  • Thank you - you took out all the stress!
    The Edmonton Family served by Jamie
  • Wendy (and staff) were very thorough with the arrangements for Dad's funeral -- it was a relief to have her looking after the details -- especially the day of the funeral as we were all pretty emotional -- therefore we so appreciated having all the decisions made for us... thank you to Wendy and all her 'helpers' !!
    The Charlesworth Family served by Wendy
  • Overall I'm satisfied with all the services you made. Your Funeral Director Tanya Baker is very professional and very pleasant to talk to. I love the landscape around the Edmonton South Chapel. It's clean and lots of green, nicely organized, beautiful! 
    The Hrincu Family served by Tanya
  • Your help with legal requirements was much appreciated - very good!
    The Dalpe Family served by Bill
  • Thank you very much for your services and caring staff. Very helpful when going through difficult times. The family is grateful and appreciative.
    The Guimond Family served by Samantha
  • Hi Jenna,  We have been wanting to write to thank you again for your warm and caring support to us. We feel that the service was beautiful and a real reflection of Bob. We were so grateful for your guidance in helping us with it, we could not have done it without you. You gave us just the right encouragement and we are ever so grateful. Please also thank the rest of the staff for their professional and thoughtful work on Saturday. Take good care, Heather
    The Bussiere Family served by Jenna
  • Dear Mr. Connelly, I just wanted to take this opportunity to express, on behalf of the Jones family, our appreciation for the professional and compassionate care shown to us by Funeral Director and Embalmers Paul Coyle and Tanya Baker. Their patience and communication throughout, what, in our particular circumstance, was an extremely trying and turbulent experience, made all the difference indeed. Having to make all of the arrangements remotely, one is kind of taking a gamble with choosing a funeral arrangement. Have I chosen wisely? Doing the necessary online search for the best service in the area, Connelly-McKinley's name consistently appeared on top, and now we know why! Once again, thank you so much for helping us through these trying times. Steve Jones et fam.
    The Jones Family served by Paul and Tanya
  • On behalf of my family, please accept our sincere gratitude for the service that Connelly-McKinley provided following the recent death of our mother, Mrs. Aileen Patton, on 4 September 2019. We were grateful for the professionalism, support and kindness shown. In particular we wish to thank Ms. Jenna Barron for her gentle professionalism and empathy. We are also grateful for the aftercare support provided, which made an unfamiliar situation more navigable. Thank you again.
    The Patton Family served by Jenna
  • You guys have made it a lot easier, walking us through everything. You guys did a very good job displaying him when we picked up the urn (candles, etc.). Wasn't expecting.
    The Justason Family served by Pam D
  • Jenna and Wendy are super people! The service was wonderful during a time of great sadness. The staff were so caring and attentive to all of our families needs!!! Your staff are truly wonderful people. Thanks so much!! Thank you to Kayla too.
    The Crick Family served by Wendy, Jenna and Kayla
  • The staff was very accommodating to our request to have the funeral service and cremation done quickly which was appreciated.
    The Kusovac Family served by Pam D
  • Wendy Berry was wonderful in all aspects.  Our needs were met and she was very helpful with the memorial cards and choosing the urn
    The Stevens Family Served by Wendy Berry
  • Thank you for making this as best as one can during this very difficult time in our family's lives
    The Schmidt Family Served by Rosanna Marek
  • Always excellent service - I Chose Connelly-McKinley because they treat us like family.  The funeral Aftercare was AMAZING! Especially appreciate Tara Burnett's' help, humour and compassion
    The Bachand Family Service by Andrew Montgomery and Tara Burnett
  • I wish to thank Connelly-McKinley for their friendly smile, positive experience and shoulder to lean on.
    The Lang Family Served by Paul Coyle
  • Pam Durdle was absolutely fantastic.  Glen pre-arranged a lot in early 2018 and Pam took over before Glen died and was incredibly helpful, understanding, compassionate and open. She's wonderful!
    The Jarbeau Family Served by Pam Durdle
  • Dear Casey-Lee:

    I apologize for the delay in sending this. On behalf of my family and myself I would like to thank you so much for guiding us through Sarah and Madi’s passing and the Celebration of Life. We could not have done it without your caring, understanding and gentle guidance. It is a life event that has changed us in so many ways, and will continue to as we journey. You and the people at Connelly McKinley are awesome! Your patience and intuitive nature are so incredible!


    Max Amerongen

    The Amerongen Family served by Casey-Lee
  • Pamela and Jenna were very accommodating, pleasant and took very good care of us. Everything went as planned and we appreciate their expertise and personal care.   Thank you very much.
    The Berry Family served by Pam S and Jenna
  • We want to thank Aimeé for working so hard to accomplish what Helen wanted, what we all wanted for her. She kept us well informed regarding complications regarding Helen's burial. It was a pleasure to work with her.
    The Brunelle Family served by Aimeé
  • Bill was wonderful to work with, he made us feel right at home; comfortable and well cared for.  Thank you Bill. Tara did our aftercare session... she's a gem!!
    The Martin Family served by Bill
  • The family of Jessica Metcalfe would like to sincerely thank Connelly-McKinley Southside for supporting us to ensure we had a memorable celebration of life for our daughter on June 8, 2019. We would especially like to express our deepest gratitude to Funeral Director Assistant Sherry Clark for walking with us every step of this sometimes confusing, often emotional journey of planning a service for a loved one. Her compassion, empathy and professionalism carried us through making decisions about the obituary, memorial pamphlet, food, slideshow and oh so many more details. Sherry did a wonderful job of setting up the displays we provided her with the day before the service so we didn't want to change a thing. On Sherry's recommendation we got Pam Kane, videographer, to compile the slideshow for us. She did an amazing job and we are so very happy with the intuition she used to when she put the pictures and the music together. We would also like to sincerely thank Funeral Director Tanya Baker for being so accommodating to us, touching base with us in the family room regularly to let us know what was happening outside (waiting for all guests to arrive), being so gentle and kind the day of the service as she guided us through the day. During such a difficult time it meant everything to have these caring people help us navigate a very sad event. Sincerely, The Black and Zielke Families
    The Family of Jessica Metcalfe
  • Bill and Tara are great!
    The Bossmann Family served by Bill and Tara
  • Thank you so much for providing a most beautiful service. We were so pleased with our options and how well everything was managed. Having one place to make all the arrangements took a huge load off my mind. Everyone we dealt with was genuine, kind, helpful and caring to and in all our needs. My mom would have a lot of nice things to add! Our family thanks you again.
    The Hesselink Family served by Casey-Lee
  • Your Wendy was the most personable person I have ever met in this industry (I have done 3 or 4 others). In fact - I would say she is one of your greatest assets in your company. She also made me believe in myself and that I would be able to speak at my husbands celebration, and I did.
    The McLean Family served by Wendy
  • Ken was great, he was respectful and prompt. He was able to accommodate all requests. The staff I worked with for the memorial card were also fantastic. They accommodated several changes until they were just right. 
    The McKinnon Family served by Ken R
  • My family and I would like to thank everyone at Connelly-McKinley - Southside. My husband Denis' memorial was on Sunday May 5/19 and everything went beautifully. We would like to especially thank Tanya, our Funeral Director, for walking our family through this very sad time with such compassion and care. We appreciate her expertise and everything she did before and on the day of, the little things like making sure our baby granddaughter's diaper bag was given to her caregiver. Tanya went above and beyond, helping where ever she could and was always there for us. We are so grateful to our Celebrant, Yvonne. She has a gift that she shared with us that day. She spoke of Denis like a friend she had known for years. We would also like to thank Sandra at Mayfair Flowers downtown for the amazing floral arrangements and bouquets. Sandra was so kind, welcoming and really listened to what we envisioned. There were so many wonderful comments to us about the gorgeous flowers from our guests. The luncheon and staff were outstanding as well. This was uncharted territory for our family and we are so thankful for everyone that helped us through such a difficult time. Sincerely, Gwenyth Roy and Family
    The Roy Family served by Tanya
  • Aimeé was very sensitive - eg. she asked had we ever been in a casket room before. 
    The Vermeulen Family served by Aimeé
  • I initially did not want to witness the cremation. Some family members did not want my husband to be alone. I attended in the company of our eldest son. The experience turned out to have engaged an intense connection between myself and my son which I shall treasure very much.
    The Wishart Family served by Pamela S
  • Tanya Baker was my Funeral Director for my dad in July 2018/August. She was fantastic and she walked me through my first experience. 8 months later I was so fortunate to have Tanya in the process with my brother. She was super helpful, clear, professional and warm. And understanding... I could truly go on and on. She made a difficult process easy. The viewing of my brother was a profound experience in a relaxed environment - with space to be there without pressure.
    The King Family served by Tanya
  • Aimeé Anderson exceeded our expectations. She was informative and compassionate, a true professional.
    The Murray Family served by Aimeé
  • Wendy and her team were amazing! Very accommodating - live stream and video also. Turned out fantastic!
    The Spotowski Family served by Wendy
  • Excellent, courteous human.
    The McLuckie Family served by Bill
  • I was extremely satisfied with the care and consideration I received during this very difficult time for my family. Thank you!
    The Kuntz Family served by Ken R.
  • Debbie was wonderful and caring, her professionalism made a difficult time easier.
    The Whyte Family served by Debbie
  • We are from out of town (BC). You came to us by the ME office. We had 3 different numbers. My son called all. But it was your wonderful understanding and heart that we came to you. You 3 people helped me in a very bad time. May you all be blessed.
    The Creelman Family served by John & Sin
  • My family and all close friends of Tracey were well pleased as to how all the activities were performed in your effective and caring manner.
    The Muir Family served by Ken R.
  • Your entire staff is awesome! A special shout out to Bill Ritchie a wonderful man and soon to be my friend.
    The Lausen Family served by Bill
  • My mother's death occurred 7 weeks after my husband's death. It was pretty overwhelming with Christmas being right in the middle of it all. I could never have had anyone more understanding and kind, yet very professional than Aimeé was. Actually, all the staff I ran into were very pleasant and helpful.
    The Dunnigan Family served by Aimeé
  • Very satisfied with the service we received, couldn't ask for better.
    The Krauskopf Family served by Pamela D
  • Sharon Willey came to our house to help with all the details. She was excellent and the information she provided was much appreciated.
    The Meara Family served by Rosanna & Sharon
  • Aimeé was amazingly gracious, listening to the questions of 6 people with everyone feeling like they had been heard and left feeling satisfied. It was a very soothing experience for us all.
    The Labby Family served by Aimeé
  • Dear Bill, Really appreciated your care in time of sadness and confusion. You stayed at the graveyard until all of us had left the site! Thank you for that.
    The Horne Family served by Bill
  • Dear Aimeé.. I still can't get over how great you have been through the funeral process and personally. Thank you ever so much.
    The Rudolf Family served by Aimeé
  • Pamela was very knowledgeable and was a big help in planning all our needs we required.
    The Werrell Family served by Pamela D
  • Bill- Kind, caring and compassionate!
    The Moisy Family served by Bill
  • Everything was excellent. My family was very pleased how it turned out. Thank you.
    The Stanski Family served by Tanya
  • Thank you for making this unfortunate situation evolve smoothly and less stressful.
    The Vest Family served by Bill
  • Debbie was exceptional in all respects!
    The Dallaire Family served by Debbie
  • I cannot sing the praise of Family Service Consultant Jane Dempsey enough. Not only was she professional and efficient, but she goes above and beyond with her caring and compassion. I am so thankful God sent her to me. She is definitely a keeper.
    The Wheaton Family served by John & Jane
  • The Aftercare Service appointment was with Tara Burnett and she was a real bonus in all this. We rate her service A1; professional, sensitive, informative and knowledgeable about any questions we had. Thank you Marq.
    The Mazer Family served by Bill and Tara
  • The family wishes to express their heartfelt gratitude to Aimeé and the staff of Connelly-McKinley. When dealing with Aimeé throughout the arrangements we found her to  be very understanding, sincere and dignified. We want to thank you for the most beautiful and perfect funeral for our father.
    The Valleé Family served by Aimeé
  • Pamela was professional, caring and very supportive in her approach. Nothing was too much trouble. She made the process easy and we felt she was a great ambassador for your family firm. Thank you Pamela.
    The Forbes Family served by Pamela S
  • The lady director was up front and plain in answers to questions in what may have been problems to our family. Good advice to us in an unforeseen passing.
    The Barnstable Family served by Casey-Lee
  • Bill Ritchie was very helpful during the entire process. Jane Dempsey has provided a lot of assistance in the aftercare program which has helped with the executor duties.
    The Kraus Family served by Bill & Jane
  • People attending Jacqueline's funeral mass commented highly how beautifully well it was conducted.
    The Breault Family served by Debbie
  • Thank you Bill and staff for answering concerns. Very well organized and know mom/my wife would have loved what you did to "celebrate her life".
    The Tremiseaux Family served by Bill
  • Ken and Rosanna were wonderful in explaining the process to me and accommodating the wishes of my Aunt Pat. They offered empathy, caring and compassion. Everything was handled promptly and courteously. Thank you so much.
    The Hill Family served by Ken R. and Rosanna
  • Tanya was terrific. 
    The Stoehr Family served by Tanya
  • Debbie went above and beyond taking care of the arrangements. We had some unique aspects, that she handled with professionalism and understanding. My sister and I were so impressed with the comfort and care given by Debbie at such a difficult time. We thank Debbie and staff, from the bottom of our hearts.
    The Charest Family served by Debbie
  • Excellent service, highly recommend. 
    The Hirshmiller Family served by Wendy
  • Bill Ritchie is a remarkable gentleman. I was made to feel like a family member of his. God bless you Bill.
    The Piska Family served by Bill
  • Tanya was wonderful- professional, kind, supportive, and sought answers if she didn't know. She was extremely helpful.
    The Dussault Family served by Tanya
  • The aftercare service was exceptional.
    The Hay Family served by Andrew
  • Professional and courteous service. Appreciated the pre-arrangement service. Ken was professional and accommodating.
    The Grieve Family served by Ken R.
  • Incredible organization to work with during a very difficult time when family is grieving. Very professional, efficient and compassionate throughout the process.
    The Smith Family served by Wendy
  • Our situation was somewhat unique and involved a young boy. With all that required special consideration, we were very fortunate to have Tanya Baker involved to guide and direct the concerns, wishes and details of the funeral arrangements. She was a step ahead in every aspect of our expectations. A challenge that was graciously accomplished. Tanya made the difference in a difficult time. Thank you.
    The Butt Family served by Tanya
  • Everything was well organized, professional and friendly. We were very happy with the help and service. Sincere thank you to Paul!
    The Nigrin Family served by Paul
  • Very great service. Compassionate staff and very professional at all times. Very responsive to calls/emails and have every service available to choose from.
    The Levin Family served by John
  • This is my first time dealing directly with a funeral home, and I have to say Aimeé set the bar extremely high by going above and beyond. Right from the beginning, Aimeé exceeded my expectations with her professionalism, knowledge and understanding. Connelly-McKinley is fortunate to have Aimeé representing them as well as all the future families that will require her services.
    The Yandon Family served by Aimeé
  • Aimeé made a very difficult process as easy as it could be. Thank you Aimeé!
    The Porter Family served by Aimeé
  • Thank you so much Marq Jeffrey for the help you gave me and my family. Awesome job, great info.
    The Johnson Family served by Bill and Marq
  • Casey was great at assisting us and answering questions. It meant a lot to my family that our loved one was laid to rest on the same day as the service, I believe Casey made this happen.
    The Lavallee Family served by Casey-Lee
  • Ms. Amy Lau has done an exceptional job from the first call to arrange moving deceased from Calgary back to Edmonton, to the final burial. She is very knowledgeable of our Chinese customs and cultures. She gave us very clear and detailed explanation. Amy has helped us tremendously. To all other Connelly-McKinley staff, thanks for being very helpful and gentle during this difficult time. Big thank you to you all.
    The Yee Family served by Amy Lau
  • Jacquie with the aftercare service was fabulous. Pleasant, dear and helpful.
    The Butler Family served by Pamela S & Jacquie
  • Tom was terrific from start to finish. Judy with aftercare was extremely helpful.
    The Hamilton Family served by Tom and Judy
  • Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.
    The Gathercole Family served by Wendy
  • Thank you so much! We all (The Doucette Family) were very, very satisfied with the loving compassionate care we and our father received. We will recommend your services to anyone. Please keep up the great work. The aftercare is so very important, if this was missing we would have been lost.
    The Doucette Family served by Debbie and Judy
  • Aimee was awesome!! Thank her so much. Aftercare was very worthwhile and it would cause me to recommend.
    The McDonald Family served by Aimee and Judy
  • Using Connelly-McKinley Funeral Home was an excellent choice for us. We were looked after in a pleasant and courteous manner by Funeral Director Bill. He was very helpful and no pressure was put on us in making our decisions. Family Service Consultant Sam gave us the same excellent service while we were dealing with our families’ loss.
    The Brugos Family served by Bill and Sam
  • The staff was very generous with their time and assistance. They allowed us to make our own decisions, without being pushed in any direction.
    The Amell Family served by Casey-Lee and Marq
  • I am grateful for making my mother’s celebration absolutely a blessing. Debbie is an angel and the rest of your staff are awesome. Thank you very much. You made this experience one I will happily remember.
    The Kennedy Family served by Debbie
  • Ken was our funeral director who we have previously worked with. Again he made out experience comfortable, answered our questions and handled the whole funeral with dignity. He was a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend him to others.
    The Mostowich Family served by Ken R.
  • Professional, compassionate and courteous staff.
    The Roque Family served by John
  • Wendy went out of her way to get to know me and make me comfortable. She didn’t rush and very clearly explained my options for every step. I left feeling relieved and at peace.
    The Gale Family served by Wendy
  • The staff at Connelly-McKinley were absolutely amazing. They took care of all the families’ needs but also went above and beyond regular service. I am so grateful for all the work they put into making my husband’s service beautiful. Ina with aftercare was so helpful. It’s a great service. Thank you to all the staff – so professional and sincere!
    The Rau Family served by Gary and Ina
  • John was absolutely wonderful – He had a good sense of humour and was very patient – all staff were very patient as were trying to get everyone out of the building – many people were lingering after the family. Aftercare was a big help – there was stuff I didn’t think of, to-do lists on everything were good, takes down me thinking of what needs to be done. Aftercare was a great help. Judy even came to my workplace to do Aftercare so I didn’t need to take time off work..
    The Kohlman Family served by John and Judy
  • We’ve dealt mostly with Wendy in the past – She was very helpful and sympathetic. Ken was very good and very professional. The vehicles were great and the staff was available and very clear with their directions during the service.
    The Croteau Family served by Ken Ross and Judy H.
  • Very pleased with everything – the Aftercare service was most wonderful.
    The Wilson Family served by Mike K and Sam
  • I like that Amy could easily communicate with us because she spoke the same language. She gave good instructions. Aftercare was very helpful.
    The Poon Family served by Amy Lau and Judy
  • Having a very short time to preplan service due to my wife’s illness and required care, the staff was very supportive, patient and made the experience as easy as it could be. Thank you.
    The Haynes Family served by Pamela D
  • Everyone made everything more easy for us. Aftercare was very helpful. There were things I didn’t know about that Aftercare helped me with.
    The Stang Family served by Tom and Judy
  • The facilities were beautiful. We certainly would recommend the Funeral Home. We had tremendous/exceptional service, staff was very helpful. Aftercare was extremely helpful – I would not have known where to begin. Judy was very accommodating and came to me. Aftercare was great.
    The Redmond Family served by Pamela D. and Judy
  • Everything was fantastic. Pamela gave good guidance, she was very helpful. Aftercare was very helpful and very good.
    The Sugiyama Family served by Pamela S. and Judy
  • Everything was as good as can be expected.
    The Richards Family served by Tom and Jacquie
  • I really like Connelly-McKinley – Our family from California really appreciated how the funeral was handled. I really appreciated that Judy came to my house to do the Aftercare so I didn’t have to drive downtown. She took care of everything for me. Everything was perfect. My sister said the staff were very nice. Jose looked good.
    The Chan Kuo Family served by Pamela S. and Judy
  • Tom was very helpful. He came prior the Wake to ensure everything would work, very professional. There was a little misunderstanding at the crematorium but the situation was dealt with promptly when Lito offered to guide us out of Edmonton South so that we wouldn’t get lost, which was greatly appreciated. Amanda was exceptionally nice when preparing mom. Jacquie was very helpful.
    The Herbsthofer Family served by Tom, Jacquie, Amanda and Lito
  • Everybody was so comforting and compassionate, Aftercare was absolutely helpful. I can rest easy knowing what I need to do. Aimee was absolutely excellent. The flowers were beautiful and the florist was very helpful.
    The Kalynchuk Family served by Aimee, Sandra from Mayfair Flowers and Judy
  • Arnie was courteous, he listened to what I wanted and provided it. Connelly-McKinley is a very accredited business and we trust them. Aftercare was very helpful.
    The Styr Family served by Arnie and Judy
  • The process was easy and not stressful which was nice. Aftercare was super/very helpful. The memorial cards were very nice and the Funeral Service was lovely.
    The Smith Family served by Tom and Judy
  • Many, many thanks to Debbie for being caring and very professional. Her help was extraordinary for us.
    Anonymous Family served by Debbie
  • Aimee gave an excellent service and I without hesitation strongly recommended her and Connelly-McKinley Limited to anyone.
    The Ricaille Family served by Aimee and Judy
  • Very nice service! “Best service people have ever been to”.
    The Bach Family served by Rosana and Lisa N.
  • The memorial cards were beautiful. The service was beautiful and honoured mom. Beautifully handled. Aftercare was just wonderful. Soooo helpful.
    The Gillis Family served by Arnie and Ina
  • Tom was informative, understanding and helpful, he was right at the door to greet us. He was wonderful and came in on his holidays. We were very much satisfied with the selection of products and services to choose from. Aftercare has been absolutely helpful, it made it so much easier. It’s not going to cost me to get important paperwork done.
    The Loewen Family
  • We were pleased with the arrangements.
    The Whitehouse Family served by Pamela and Tom
  • Gary was very accommodating, very personable. Mother would have liked it.
    The Hills Family served by Gary and Ina
  • Bill was very professional and has a very good sense of humour. Bill did a great job. It could not have been any better and was professional. Aftercare was helpful and appreciated, a pleasant experience.
    The Frank Family served by Bill, Ian, Gerry W and Ina
  • The floral arrangements were beautiful. Overall Ken was very gracious and extremely helpful. If I sent Ken an email, he or the assistants got back to me right away. He was very accommodating of my Dad. Aftercare was definitely helpful.
    The Shirlaw Family served by Ken R., Mayfair Flowers and Judy
  • Mom looked beautiful. Aftercare was very helpful and easy to talk with. Bill worked above and beyond. It was excellent.
    The Seib Family served by Bill and Ina
  • DVD was done perfect and exactly the way we wanted. Aftercare was helpful. I am clear about what to do. A lot easier than I thought.
    The Pon Family served by Gary and Ina
  • Bill made a hard day easier. Shelley did a great job on the memorial cards. Ina with Aftercare is awesome. Bill was great! It was just the way Dean would have wanted it to be. Thank you!
    The Desroches Family served by Bill, Shelley and Ina
  • The initial call was friendly and compassionate. Aftercare was very beneficial.
    The Grieve family served by Casey-Lee and Ina
  • Everything was fantastic from Wendy till now with Lisa [from Aftercare]. Very impressed with your staff and the organization.
    The Rissling Family served by Wendy and Lisa N
  • Aftercare program is much more efficient than it was 5 years ago.
    The Janiszewska Family served by Bill, Ina and Jacquie
  • The kindness about Gary was great. He showed empathy and compassion. Suggestions were very low pressure. Aftercare was very helpful and would recommend it to families and friends as a very valuable service! The memorial cards were pretty.
    The Kuszmaniuk Family served by Gary, Shelley, Jenn and Ina
  • Arnie was so helpful, very professional and a very nice, caring man. Our loved one looked awesome. The catering was very good. Aftercare was helpful - it’s a godsend. It takes so much stress off and just to be able to talk to someone who understands helps.
    The Rechlo Family served by Arnie and Ina
  • Funeral went really smooth, everything was anticipated. We did not have to worry about anything.
    The Verbeek Family served by Judy
  • Food was really good at the reception. The funeral was handled really well - we did not have to do much, just show up. The Aftercare program was a real help. Now I know what I still need to do.
    The Stang Family served by Tom and Judy
  • The staff and memorial cards were very good. The floral arrangements were very nice. It was a very good experience and always easy to get hold of Casey-Lee. She always had time to talk. Everything was handled in a fine way. Aftercare was very valuable.
    The Pollard Family served by Casey-Lee and Judy
  • Everything was handled so professionally. The Aftercare was so helpful, before it I felt like a fish out of water.
    The Martineau Family served by John and Judy
  • We were very happy with the funeral; it was very efficient. The Aftercare program was a great help. I don’t have a whole lot to worry about, Judy took care of everything.
    The Pearson Family served by John and Judy