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Tom was terrific from start to finish. Judy with aftercare was extremely helpful.
The Hamilton Family served by Tom and Judy

Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.
The Gathercole Family served by Wendy and Mallory

Thank you so much! We all (The Doucette Family) were very, very satisfied with the loving compassionate care we and our father received. We will recommend your services to anyone. Please keep up the great work. The aftercare is so very important, if this was missing we would have been lost.
The Doucette Family served by Debbie and Judy

Aimee was awesome!! Thank her so much. Aftercare was very worthwhile and it would cause me to recommend.
The McDonald Family served by Aimee and Judy

Using Connelly-McKinley Funeral Home was an excellent choice for us. We were looked after in a pleasant and courteous manner by Funeral Director Bill. He was very helpful and no pressure was put on us in making our decisions. Family Service Consultant Sam gave us the same excellent service while we were dealing with our families' loss.
The Brugos Family served by Bill and Sam

The staff was very generous with their time and assistance. They allowed us to make our own decisions, without being pushed in any direction.
The Amell Family served by Casey-Lee and Marq

I am grateful for making my mother's celebration absolutely a blessing. Debbie is an angel and the rest of your staff are awesome. Thank you very much. You made this experience one I will happily remember.
The Kennedy Family served by Debbie

Ken was our funeral director who we have previously worked with. Again he made out experience comfortable, answered our questions and handled the whole funeral with dignity. He was a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend him to others.
The Mostowich Family served by Ken R.

Professional, compassionate and courteous staff.
The Roque Family served by John

Wendy went out of her way to get to know me and make me comfortable. She didn't rush and very clearly explained my options for every step. I left feeling relieved and at peace.
The Gale Family served by Wendy

The staff at Connelly-McKinley were absolutely amazing. They took care of all the families' needs but also went above and beyond regular service. I am so grateful for all the work they put into making my husband's service beautiful. Ina with aftercare was so helpful. It's a great service. Thank you to all the staff - so professional and sincere!
The Rau Family served by Gary and Ina

John was absolutely wonderful - He had a good sense of humour and was very patient - all staff were very patient as were trying to get everyone out of the building - many people were lingering after the family. Aftercare was a big help - there was stuff I didn't think of, to-do lists on everything were good, takes down me thinking of what needs to be done. Aftercare was a great help. Judy even came to my workplace to do Aftercare so I didn't need to take time off work..
The Kohlman Family served by John and Judy

We've dealt mostly with Wendy in the past - She was very helpful and sympathetic. Ken was very good and very professional. The vehicles were great and the staff was available and very clear with their directions during the service.
The Croteau Family served by Ken Ross and Judy H.

Very pleased with everything - the Aftercare service was most wonderful.
The Wilson Family served by Mike K and Sam

I like that Amy could easily communicate with us because she spoke the same language. She gave good instructions. Aftercare was very helpful.
The Poon Family served by Amy Lau and Judy

Having a very short time to preplan service due to my wife's illness and required care, the staff was very supportive, patient and made the experience as easy as it could be. Thank you.
The Haynes Family served by Pamela D

Everyone made everything more easy for us. Aftercare was very helpful. There were things I didn't know about that Aftercare helped me with.
The Stang Family served by Tom and Judy

The facilities were beautiful. We certainly would recommend the Funeral Home. We had tremendous/exceptional service, staff was very helpful. Aftercare was extremely helpful - I would not have known where to begin. Judy was very accommodating and came to me. Aftercare was great.
The Redmond Family served by Pamela D. and Judy

Everything was fantastic. Pamela gave good guidance, she was very helpful. Aftercare was very helpful and very good.
The Sugiyama Family served by Pamela S. and Judy

Everything was as good as can be expected.
The Richards Family served by Tom and Jacquie

I really like Connelly-McKinley - Our family from California really appreciated how the funeral was handled. I really appreciated that Judy came to my house to do the Aftercare so I didn't have to drive downtown. She took care of everything for me. Everything was perfect. My sister said the staff were very nice. Jose looked good.
The Chan Kuo Family served by Pamela S. and Judy

Tom was very helpful. He came prior the Wake to ensure everything would work, very professional. There was a little misunderstanding at the crematorium but the situation was dealt with promptly when Lito offered to guide us out of Edmonton South so that we wouldn't get lost, which was greatly appreciated. Amanda was exceptionally nice when preparing mom. Jacquie was very helpful.
The Herbsthofer Family served by Tom, Jacquie, Amanda and Lito

Everybody was so comforting and compassionate, Aftercare was absolutely helpful. I can rest easy knowing what I need to do. Aimee was absolutely excellent. The flowers were beautiful and the florist was very helpful.
The Kalynchuk Family served by Aimee, Sandra from Mayfair Flowers and Judy

Arnie was courteous, he listened to what I wanted and provided it. Connelly-McKinley is a very accredited business and we trust them. Aftercare was very helpful.
The Styr Family served by Arnie and Judy

The process was easy and not stressful which was nice. Aftercare was super/very helpful. The memorial cards were very nice and the Funeral Service was lovely.
The Smith Family served by Tom and Judy

Many, many thanks to Debbie for being caring and very professional. Her help was extraordinary for us.
Anonymous Family served by Debbie

Aimee gave an excellent service and I without hesitation strongly recommended her and Connelly-McKinley Limited to anyone.
The Ricaille Family served by Aimee and Judy

Very nice service! "Best service people have ever been to".
The Bach Family served by Rosana and Lisa N.

The memorial cards were beautiful. The service was beautiful and honoured mom. Beautifully handled. Aftercare was just wonderful. Soooo helpful.
The Gillis Family served by Arnie and Ina

Tom was informative, understanding and helpful, he was right at the door to greet us. He was wonderful and came in on his holidays. We were very much satisfied with the selection of products and services to choose from. Aftercare has been absolutely helpful, it made it so much easier. It's not going to cost me to get important paperwork done.
The Loewen Family

We were pleased with the arrangements.
The Whitehouse Family served by Pamela and Tom

Gary was very accommodating, very personable. Mother would have liked it.
The Hills Family served by Gary and Ina

Bill was very professional and has a very good sense of humour. Bill did a great job. It could not have been any better and was professional. Aftercare was helpful and appreciated, a pleasant experience.
The Frank Family served by Bill, Ian, Gerry W and Ina

The floral arrangements were beautiful. Overall Ken was very gracious and extremely helpful. If I sent Ken an email, he or the assistants got back to me right away. He was very accommodating of my Dad.  Aftercare was definitely helpful.
The Shirlaw Family served by Ken R., Mayfair Flowers and Judy

Mom looked beautiful. Aftercare was very helpful and easy to talk with. Bill worked above and beyond. It was excellent.
The Seib Family served by Bill and Ina

DVD was done perfect and exactly the way we wanted. Aftercare was helpful. I am clear about what to do. A lot easier than I thought.
The Pon Family served by Gary and Ina

Bill made a hard day easier. Shelley did a great job on the memorial cards. Ina with Aftercare is awesome. Bill was great! It was just the way Dean would have wanted it to be. Thank you!
The Desroches Family served by Bill, Shelley and Ina

The initial call was friendly and compassionate. Aftercare was very beneficial.
The Grieve family served by Casey-Lee and Ina

Everything was fantastic from Wendy till now with Lisa [from Aftercare]. Very impressed with your staff and the organization.
The Rissling Family served by Wendy and Lisa N

Aftercare program is much more efficient than it was 5 years ago.
The Janiszewska Family served by Bill, Ina and Jacquie

The kindness about Gary was great. He showed empathy and compassion. Suggestions were very low pressure. Aftercare was very helpful and would recommend it to families and friends as a very valuable service! The memorial cards were pretty.
The Kuszmaniuk Family served by Gary, Shelley, Jenn and Ina

Arnie was so helpful, very professional and a very nice, caring man. Our loved one looked awesome. The catering was very good. Aftercare was helpful - it’s a godsend. It takes so much stress off and just to be able to talk to someone who understands helps.
The Rechlo Family served by Arnie and Ina

Funeral went really smooth, everything was anticipated. We did not have to worry about anything.
The Verbeek Family served by Judy

Food was really good at the reception. The funeral was handled really well - we did not have to do much, just show up. The Aftercare program was a real help. Now I know what I still need to do.
The Stang Family served by Tom and Judy

The staff and memorial cards were very good. The floral arrangements were very nice. It was a very good experience and always easy to get hold of Casey-Lee. She always had time to talk. Everything was handled in a fine way. Aftercare was very valuable.
The Pollard Family served by Casey-Lee and Judy

Everything was handled so professionally. The Aftercare was so helpful, before it I felt like a fish out of water.
The Martineau Family served by John and Judy

We were very happy with the funeral; it was very efficient. The Aftercare program was a great help. I don’t have a whole lot to worry about, Judy took care of everything.
The Pearson Family served by John and Judy