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Jim Yun Chan



Jim Chan passed away at the St. Michael's nursing home on December 24, 2010. He is survived by his wife, Mee, and four children, Lan, Peter, Bobby, and Michael.

Jim was born in China on April 28, 1928. near Toisan with one brother and two sisters. He was bright, generous, and cheerful. When he was 15, he would join Chinese army in WWII against the Japanese. After the war he would work in various jobs until he married Mee on August 8, 1952. They would have three children in China: Jan in 1954, Lan in 1955, and Peter in 1957.

Jim and Mee would emigrate from China to Hong Kong in two stages. Mee, Lan, and Peter would emigrate in 1958 while Jim and Jan would emigrate in 1962. The Chan family would then emigrate to Canada later in October 1962 as relatives had done previously in the years before. The Chan family would end up in Edmonton and would be surprised with the cold and snow. Jim would find work as the late night janitor at the Bonnie Doon bowling lanes in 1963 and would work there for 26 years. Jim and Mee would have three more children: Bobby in 1966, Luc in 1968, and Michael in 1970.

Jim would find work and would sponsor his brother's son in 1974. This was the beginning of the emigration of the rest of his family to Canada. Jim would then sponsor his brother's second son in 1980 with his wife and son. The brother's sons would then sponsor his brother to come over in 1982 with his wife. Jim sponsored his sister and brought her husband and three daughters in 1982. Jim would also help sponsor his uncle with his wife and son in 1982 as well. They would all have successful lives here in Canada, thanks to Jim.

Jim's sacrifice to move his family from China to Canada shall never be forgotten. He had a wonderful laugh, would help everyone, and was a loving father.

We miss you. We love you. We will never forget you. Your Family

Remembering Uncle

When thinking of Uncle Jim, our "third uncle", we think of january 29, 1982
We think of our first day in edmonton at the airport where the snow piled hip-high
We think of his family's hospitality in putting us up in the best rooms of their fine home:
An over-population of plush animals and toys in the kids' room greeted us on that day
We think of watching him leave for work each evening to the bowling alley
We think of the bottled sodas he brings home when his shift is over
We think of sitting in his car as he takes us to school:
How he pointed to the sun and taught us the word "sun" one day
We think of the cat naps that he takes to freshen up during the day just to be ready for the next night shift
He clowned around with karen
Our uncle never seemed to age
We remember winter times when he habitually leave his car running in front of the house, unlocked, and had it stolen one evening
He brought home a birthday cake that had the wrong last name for Elaine
His mistakes are what made him memorable to us
He is human
His imperfections left us priceless impressions of this genuine man
His departure makes us remember everything he stood for
Today we spend our money on frivolous things and enjoyment that uncle never had a chance to partake in
We should always remember how this selfless man had cared for us,
How he has given us a new life in canada
Our family is forever indebted to his nobility
For a man who persevered and endured so much,
We wonder if this stoic man had ever wanted us to thank him for being the great elder he had been

In Loving Memory of
Jim Yun Chan
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12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Additional Visitation:
Dec 29, 2010
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Downtown Chapel
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Funeral Service
Thursday, December 30, 2010
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Northern Lights Cemetery
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